English Team

Our highly qualified and experienced English Teachers help students of all grades and levels to excel their English Language abilities in all extends.

Patrick Sir

-M.Ed. School Leadership and Management, CUHK
-BEng Chemical Engineering, HKUST
-Book Writer -“Bye Bye Chinglish”
-“SCMP Inspire-Preparation for the HKDSE English” Writer
-Newspaper and magazine column writer


- M.A. in Linguistics, (HKU)
- B.A. (Hons) in English and Translation, (HKU)
- Cowriter of "SCMP Inspire", a DSE reference book
- A in English Language, HKCEE
- A in Paper B: Writing, Use of English, HKALE


- Worked as editor of renowned online English learning platform
- Co-Author of SCMP Inspire
- IELTS scores: 8.0/9.0
- Experienced in teaching Secondary students

Ng Sir

- M.Ed. in Educational Management (University of Gloucestershire)
- B.Ed. in Education (University of Nottingham)
- Familiar with HKDSE curriculum
- More than 30 years of teaching experience in (Band-1) Secondary School

Nelson Lee

- 香港浸會大學學位教師教育文憑 (通識科)
- 香港中文大學社會科學學士 (主修心理學,副修政治及公共行政)
- 香港中文大學公眾及比較史學碩士