- M.A. in Linguistics, (HKU)
- B.A. (Hons) in English and Translation, (HKU)
- Cowriter of "SCMP Inspire", a DSE reference book
- A in English Language, HKCEE
- A in Paper B: Writing, Use of English, HKALE

Teaching Experience & Specialties
 For 10 years, it has been my pleasure to help a great number of students to enhance their interests in English, sharpen their linguistic competence, and attain their desired results in school and public exams. For 10 years, I have been grateful for countless opportunities to nurture academic highflyers, whose whole-hearted devotion in terms of time and effort in our academic collaborations has enabled them to reach the highest level and be “catapult into stardom” in public exams.

I have been particularly skillful in shaping students as critical thinkers who are well equipped with analytical skills. To me, it is certainly delightful and apt to offer every student deservingly detailed and comprehensive advice on their work, English writing in particular.

Teaching Philosophy
I am strongly convinced that teaching is a partnership between the teacher and the student. Therefore, I have strived to be every student’s personal coach on their path to academic success. My mission is to make sure that every student improves, by igniting the learning motivation, understanding the strengths, weaknesses and needs, and monitoring closely every single learning achievement of each and every one.