- MA in English Language Teaching with Distinction, PolyU
- Cert. TESOL, Trinity College London
- BSc (Hons), CUHK
- A/5** in HKCEE English Larry
Language (Syl. B), HKALE Use of English & HKDSE English Language
- Co-writer of SCMP Inspire & SCMP Elevate

Excel in Your Exams
The key to winning any game is to know the rules. With years of experience teaching students from prominent schools, I understand your school curriculum and will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to do well in exams. In my lessons, you’ll learn to adopt a strategic approach to learning, practising and revising so that you can excel in the subject efficiently and effectively. Why only start revising right before the exam? Be one step ahead and start preparing now!

Push Your Limits
You cannot learn by simply being physically present in a classroom. Real learning comes from within, and that’s why motivating you to learn is my priority. Regardless of your raison d'être in my lesson, be it to improve your grades, to enhance your academic prospects, or to advance your English, you can expect to be engaged and be challenged in every lesson. Once you’re in my class, it’s my personal commitment to you that I will urge you on and push your limits.

Immerse Yourself 
True competency in a language extends far beyond memorising grammatical rules and cramming abstruse vocabulary items. English in essence is a tool for global communication and is moreover your bridge to immense opportunities, knowledge, enjoyment and cultural enlightenment! Being a lover of literature and having lived abroad for a number of years, I can speak from experience of the fulfilment you will get by immersing yourself in materials and contexts that not only stimulate your mind but also expand your horizons.