- Worked as editor of renowned online English learning platform
- Co-Author of SCMP Inspire
- IELTS scores: 8.0/9.0
- Experienced in teaching Secondary students

Teaching Experience & Specialties 

With years of hands-on experience in tutoring, as well as having worked as an Editor for a renowned online English Platform, I have developed a keen sense in preparing teaching materials that best suit students' needs and being adaptable to their individual needs. I am adjustable and eager to go with the flow and capture teachable moments that interest and inspire students. Relating and connecting with students is essential to my teaching and I make a point to ensure that students enjoy the class and understand why they should be in the class and what they are expected to achieve.

My unique education background as a law graduate also analytical thinking. I ask students questions, lead discussions and design assignments to spur analytical thinking. Students must learn to think independently and critically instead of just following sets of grammar rules blindly and memorizing lists of words. Specific feedback and suggestions are provided for writing assignments to help students hone their writing.

Teaching Philosophy
The ultimate goal of education is to encourage seeking answers. I am adamant on maintaining a role as a facilitator in the learning progress. My role is to guide, to provide access to information rather than acting as the primary source o information. To master a language, students need the opportunity to discover for themselves and practice skills in authentic situations. Students who take the initiative to learn for themselves and ask questions tend to achieve the most. Each student is unique and their individuality should be respected and provide with ample help to discovery their individual learning strengths. Building a sense of personal accomplish will undoubtedly help develop their full potential.