Perfecting Your Speaking

HKDSE Speaking Workshop

- Offer effective solutions to the challenging situations encountered by candidates in Paper 4 Speaking exam
- Provide ample difficult scenarios in Group Interaction and Individual Response with virtual simulations, allowing students to practice and polish their responses
- Aid students to generate original ideas and structure their thoughts for a smooth delivery of ideas
- Provide students with practical preparation tips
- Free speaking practice session after the workshop, with experienced tutors assessing students’ performance and offering individualized feedback

HKDSE Speaking Practice

Practical Strategies
- Challenging mock examination questions covering all potential question types in HKDSE Paper 4 Speaking exam
- Ample practice opportunities in each session to master the techniques introduced in both regular and intensive courses, HKDSE Speaking Workshop and HKDSE Speaking Practice Sessions
Personal Feedback
- Detailed feedback assessing all four domains in the speaking exam, giving students not only a comprehensive overview of their performance but also tailor-made solutions for improvement
Accurate Assessment
- Comprehensive assessment in all four domains assessed in the exam in every round of practice session, allowing students to witness their improvements with our tutors’ professional advice
Video Recording
- Recorded performance in the practice sessions to let students review their strengths and weaknesses, keeping track of their improvement progress