Mathematics Module 1 (M1)

Course Description:

The entire HKDSE syllabus is taught by the end of the last summer holiday before the HKDSE examination in the following year. From September onwards, every topic included from F.4 to F.6 is recapped until the examination begins. Past paper questions from HKCEE/HKAL and HKDSE  are also  included for in-class analyses.

Course Features:

- Methods taught to minimize the steps needed to tackle questions in Section A
- Commonly seen question types in Section B sorted by topic for detailed explanation
- A graded approach taken to analyze HKDSE exam questions
- Skill-based approach to sharpen students’ mental arithmetic for greater accuracy and speed

Course Description:

The mock exam is offered every December before the HKDSE Mathematics examination with a syllabus similar to the HKDSE examination, providing students an opportunity to work in a simulated examination setting. This exam also aims to help students identify their weaknesses early so that students and their tutors can come up with the most useful exam strategies to fully prepare for the real examination.