Mildred Wong

Speech at Elderly Centre

Good afternoon everyone! How are you all feeling today? I am Chris Wong, a Form six student. Today I have brought along with me a close companion – my laptop computer. You may wonder why I call it my ‘companion’ – That is simple; this portable device has allowed me to integrated work, entertainment and learning – all into one! Modern technology enables the worldwide use of computers. Ask yourselves: have you ever thought about playing mahjong without leaving your bed? Have you ever wanted to acquire Feng shui information and buy lottery tickets without having to check books and dial numbers? The Internet, then, is definitely your choice.

With just one click, everything you need, ranging from weather news to face-to-face chat with your grandsons in America, can be brought to you instantly. No more bulky Oxford paperback dictionaries for all of you who wish to learn new vocabulary. What replaces all these is what we yearn for nowadays – convenience and efficiency. All you need is a few skills in turning on the Internet with your computer. Technology and science evolves. There is no reason that all of you, as smart 21st century senior citizens, would not evolve accordingly.

The ‘Father’ of the Internet, Tim Lee, once said, ‘It does not matter how old you are … keep up with everyone’s pace and you can feel as young as a newborn every day.’ The Internet is a good source of entertainment. With a powerful video platform Youtube, you can view videos of cute kittens, daring surfers and even classic black-and-white films. Isn’t life great? You can once again be filled with youthful energy. Interactive online games like puzzles, chess and even your favourite – mahjong, is ready at your command. Tired of playing against each other as opponents? Play with international gamers then. Once again, feel the appeal of video games, train your mind and improve your memory. Indulge in the virtual world to brighten up your life. You will have the best relaxation every day that we teenagers could only dream of. After all, retirement is about having fun and enjoying life, isn’t it?


There is no way you are not attracted by the other side of the world – the Internet – that I am promoting now. Remember, it all happens inside this folded box and this wireless mouse. Then what is stopping you from mastering this skill? You may feel insecure and worried about not being able to catch up with the advanced technology. In fact, technology serves the purpose of simplifying life. The Internet is user-friendly. With easily-learnt skills and helpful teachers here, you will be able to upgrade yourselves as Internet users in no time.

Another worry shared by many of your senior pals may be the mindset that the web is intended for youngsters or businessmen only. That is not true. On the Internet, freedom reigns. Its countless applications provide convenience to everyone. You can definitely find your place and enjoy the gifts of the web.

After hearing about the truth of the Internet, are you all ready and excited about trying your hand at surfing the web? Remember, a small step on the Internet, a big improvement in life. Let’s live our lives to the fullest by embracing the Internet world. Thank you!

Content:         7/7
Organisation:   7/7
Language:       7/7

Student Writer
Mildred Wong
St Mary’s Canossian College

Candidate for 2015 HKDSE (5** in English; 5** in Paper 2 Writing)


A persuasive, informative and revolutionary speech, this reminds me of Steve Jobs’s keynote address at the launch of the first iPhone. What is commendable is not only the persuasive tone but also the vision, tempting in the eyes of the elderly, offered – It reflects that Mildred understands her audience perfectly. Apart from that, Mildred’s mastery of both complex and simple sentences is worth our appreciation. The short sentence is particularly forceful. When they are put beside complex sentences, they stand out, beautifully.