Course Features

- Comprehensive curriculum to sharpen students’ key competencies in all four HKDSE papers

- Systematic notes with ample elaboration, engaging examples and challenging HKDSE drilling to shape HKDSE top achievers

- Polish well-developed techniques in Paper 1 Reading using credible sources such as Time, National Geographic, South China Morning Post, etc.

- Sharpen creative and original content, advanced sentence patterns and organization in a wide range of text types examined in Paper 2 Writing

- Strengthen active and attentive listening for challenging tasks, data file manipulation and practical text types composition with varying degrees of formality as required in Paper 3 Listening & Integrated Skills

- Master advanced topic-specific vocabulary under the thematic approach of individual modules

- Assignments marked in detail with tailor-made feedback

- Professional and highly experienced tutors to closely monitor students’ progress, offering individualized exam strategies and personalized feedback