Course Description

- Review and build upon senior students’ grammatical command of the English structures in order to enhance their performances in all four HKDSE papers.

- Emphasize active production and error analysis of standard English to hone students’ grammatical awareness and editing skills.

- Upon completion of the course, students are able to:
   > Paper 1: better understand subtle meanings
   > Paper 2: use appropriate, error-free structures for various social functions with an editor’s eye for detail
   > Paper 3: change formality and tone naturally by mastering paraphrasing skills and applying various sentence patterns to improve coherence

- Topics include:
   > verb tense, form, voice and aspect
   > sentence structure and coherence
   > conditionals and modals
   > adjective patterns, noun clauses and nominalization
   > relative clause, inversion and parallelism

- Key skills taught in the course include
   > editing skills
   > using the appropriate tone and formality to serve various social functions
   > paraphrasing and rewriting