Regular Course

The regular course covers the first few topics taught at school to help students build a solid foundation and learn ahead of the school syllabuses, so that they can achieve  satisfactory results in  tests and examinations. Regular courses are offered from September onwards. Topics include 

- Quadratic Equations in One Unknown (I)
- Quadratic Equations in One Unknown (II)
- Functions and Graphs, Exponential Functions
- Logarithmic Functions
- Equations of Straight Lines
- More about Polynomials (I)
- More about Polynomials (II)
- Simultaneous Equations
- One Linear and One Quadratic
- More about Trigonometry
- Applications of trigonometry in 2-dimensional Problems

- More about Quadratic Equations
- Basic Properties of Circles
- Tangent to Circles
- Locus
- Equation of Circles
- Inequalities
- Linear Programming
- More about Graphs of Functions
- Permutation and Combination
- More about Probability.

(Please note that topics may NOT be taught in the order specified above, and F.4/F.5 topics may vary in different classes. For more details, please contact our Student Service Assistants.)