HKDSE Biology

Course Description

- All-in-one course designed to build a solid foundation of biology knowledge and analytical skills essential for success in the school assessment and HKDSE.

- Guide students through the preparation process for their assessments on a regular basis

- Systematic course progression based on curricula and textbook series adopted by various elite schools

- Develop students’ competency on high-level thinking skills and scientific literacy through aninteractive classroom, continuous assessments, assignments and mock examinations. 

Course Features

- Comprehensive curriculum to provide an interactive and motivated learning experience for students to develop an in-depth understanding of biological principles and concepts

- Systematic notes written in concise and precise language, supplemented with diagrams and tables to facilitate understanding

- In-class practices and continuous assessments to develop competencies in both school assessment and public examinations in HKDSE

- Exercises including mock practices from elite schools and past DSE papers to familiarize students with the authentic HKDSE settings

- Assignments marked in detail to allow students to learn from the feedback tailor made by tutors who understand clearly their learning needs

- Mock examinations and revision classes based on the specific curricula of the schools our students study at to fully prepare students for internal examinations