HKDSE Chemistry

Course Outline

F.4 first term
   1. Microscopic world I 
   2. Metals   
   3. Acids and alkaline 

F.4 second term
   1. Acid and alkaline 
   2. Redox 
   3. Microscopic world II

F.5 first term
   1. Microscopic world II
   2. Energetics 
   3. Fossil fuels and carbon compounds 

F.5 second term
   1. Chemistry of carbon compounds 
   2. Rate of reactions 
   3. Chemical equilibrium 
   4. Patterns in Period 2 and Period 3 in elements and compounds. 

Topics may vary in different classes with individual teaching schedules. For more details, please contact our Student Service Assistants.)

Course Feature:

- Aims at helping students to attain level 5 to 5** in HKDSE.

- Systematic progression of topics to help students build a solid foundation necessary for topic deconstruction and the analysis of challenging questions in examinations.

- The four core concepts in Chemistry: metals, acid and alkalis, redox, and chemistry of organic compounds, among other concepts, will be clearly defined and explained in the course.

- Important skills in critical thinking necessary for scientific analysis and thus tackling HKDSE questions will be introduced.