HKDSE Physics

Course Outline

1.     Mechanics     
        i.     Position and movement
        ii.     Force and motion
        iii.    Moment                        
        iv.    Energy and power
        v.     Momentum

 2.     Wave              
        i.      Wave propagation
        ii.     Wave phenomena
        iii.    Light
        iv.   Sound

1.     Mechanics      
        i.      Projectile motion
        ii.     Circular motion
        iii.    Gravitation

 2.    E&M              
        i.      Electrostatic
        ii.     E-field

        iii.    Circuit
        iv.    Domestic electricity
        v.     Magnetism
        vi.    Magnetic induction

Topics may vary in different classes with individual teaching schedules. For more details, please contact our Student Service Assistants.)

Course Feature

- Systematic progression of important topics in HKDSE.

- Provide comprehensive exercises and regular quizzes.

- Establish a solid foundation for effective learning of more advanced topics and better examination performance.