Course Feature

- Workshop carefully designed to train students’ ability to come up with powerful arguments within a limited timeframe and present their arguments with appropriate tools precisely and concisely, boosting their competence in the writing

- Emphasis on students’ competence in thinking critically and analytically, enabling students to spot fallacies and construct solid arguments

- Clear interpretation and drilling of various language tools and vocabulary items essential to improve performance in writing

- Systematic notes with ample elaborations, engaging examples and challenging exercises for students to have a thorough grasp of the usage of a wide range of writing skills necessary for a wide range of text types

- Close attention to students’ learning progress, which is regularly monitored by our tutors

- Exposure to authentic English texts to allow students to pick up diverse strategies for crafting powerful arguments

- Frequent and independent writing work under a specified time frame to boost students’ competence and confidence in examinations

- Assignments marked in detail to allow students to learn from the feedback tailor made by tutors who understand clearly their learning needs