Kelvin Lo Hon Yin

You’re not a good artist, Adolf

It was the sound of howling wind – yet it hardly ceased his ardent pursuit of art, the career he longed for. In his hands was a stack of paintings, carefully packed so as not to bump into each other.

‘The Vienna Academy, eh?’

He nodded. No doubt he was a fine figure of admiration amongst his like-minded friends. Self-assured, he walked briskly towards the old arch-door – his future home.

Before him sat an old man in his seventies, seemingly eager to welcome his presence.

He raised his eyebrows.

‘You’re not a good artist, Adolf.’

(In memory of thousands of innocent lives buried under the reign of a totalitarian, who once failed to paint well)


Student Writer
Kelvin Lo Hon Yin
La Salle College

Kelvin’s work is a tour de force, beautifully composed, with well-timed twists, appropriately astonishing climax and subtle yet forceful historical connotations. His choice of the scene reflects his strong literary sense – it is a stroke of genius. In terms of language, the use of both complex and simple sentences help define the mood. Phrases do give plain facts a breathtaking yet intricate coating. Descriptive elements well facilitate his story-telling.