Course Description

Course Description

- Comprehensively prepare students in terms of module knowledge and critical thinking abilities essential for SL3 Liberal studies and DSE-level Liberal Studies

- Progress with reference to the curriculum and textbook series adopted by most local Schools to help students tackle their assessments on a regular basis

- Focus on both perennial and contemporary issues through in-class discussions and continuous assessment, allowing students to develop skills and confidence for internal assessments and DSE Liberal Studies in senior forms

Course Features

- Carefully designed curriculum to help students master content knowledge and key concepts according to the Liberal Studies curriculum

- Systematic notes adopting issue-enquiry approach, with engaging examples and challenging exercises for students to have a thorough grasp of subject knowledge and generic skills essential for the learning of Liberal Studies

- Bi-weekly quizzes to encourage students to actively reinforce what they have learned in class through revision and to monitor their learning progress

- Assignments marked in detail to allow students to learn from the feedback tailor-made by tutors who understand clearly their learning needs

- Mock examinations and revision classes based on the specific curricula of the schools our students study at to fully prepare students for internal examinations