Course Description

Subject-based Courses are designed for students from different schools having similar teaching schedule, textbooks and learning progress. Topics taught in the classes include

- Linear Inequalities in One Unknown
- Percentages (II)
- Special Lines and Centres in a Triangle
- Quadrilaterals
- More About 3-D Figures
- Measures of Central Tendency
- Areas and Volumes (III)
- Coordinate Geometry of Straight Lines
- Trigonometric Relations
- Application of Trigonometry
- Introduction to Probability.

(Topics are not necessarily taught in the above order. Please contact our Student Service Assistants or tutors for more details.)

For these classes, half of the lessons  are used for teaching sessions according to students’ needs or tutors’ tailor-made schedules, while the remaining half will be revision sessions, in which students work on unfamiliar topics or topics that will be tested in internal assessments. Students are welcomed to ask questions and seek help from tutors.

Course features

- Introducing topics not yet taught at schools to prepare students for internal assessments even earlier
- Graded exercises provided to suit every student’s needs
- Detailed notes on exam question types of various elite schools
- Curriculum designed with the focus on training mathematical knowledge and logic instead of mere exam drilling