Co-publishing with SCMP

For now, we have already published several learning materials with SCMP, namely SCMP Elevate and SCMP Inspire, learning resources aiming to sharpen users’ English reading skills. There will be a continuing endeavour to produce more resources to assist students’ learning in English more comprehensively, including an upcoming publication aiming to help students master the essentials in achieving success in listening.

School-based After-school Learning & Support Programs

It is our belief that the collaboration with schools is essential in helping the future pillars of our society achieve success. To complement normal teaching at school, we offer after-school programs tailor-made with reference to the needs of students and schools.

School Talks & Seminars

Teaching and learning mainly take place at schools, and we firmly believe that more effective teaching and learning strategies is the key to success in this regard. We offer talks and seminars to teachers and students at schools who would like to be inspired with insights in interactive teaching and effective learning skills.